Expression of loyalty to party or tribe means exactly what it is, i.e. that person has reasons to express loyalty. That doesn't automatically mean that person is really loyal, belongs to the tribe, shares party's ideals or anything else at all.
It is very important to pay attention to opinions of arrogant idiots.
For example, if you market stuff that only an arrogant idiot would ever buy.
Most people older than twenty two usually have more than one moral system. How same person behaves in different situations and medidates in different contexts may easily display the variance of general principles behind one's thoughts and actions. It can be difference between idealism and pragmatism: "in the ideal world all weapons must be abolished; in the real world I keep a small arsenal at home, just in case."
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My experience of rewriting this website's engine in Haskell was surprising and disappointing at the same time. What I initially expected was the heroic quest filled with fierce battles against the creepy Monads and ending with the Hero (hehe, me) drinking from the Holy Grail of Catamorphic Wisdom. How it actually turned out is described in this essay.
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"Big data" is by definition a pain in the ass to store and manage. Otherwise it'd be called "reasonably sized data."