"Big data" is by definition a pain in the ass to store and manage. Otherwise it'd be called "reasonably sized data."
Whatever idea you might have, many people will find it banal, others will be outraged and somebody will be enlightened.
Once you start thinking out loud, there's no way to play safe.
If person's particular activity doesn't make any sense for you apart from same person promoting his/her importance, then it's either because you don't see the bigger picture, or because you get it all right.
Art is the language. If you can only listen, but not play; if you can only watch, but not draw; if you can perceive, but not create, your knowledge is seriously limited. How good and sophisticated are you at retelling what the "critics" and "experts" say, doesn't really matter.
Seniority of a software engineer is measured by how many corpses had she buried on The Graveyard Of The Broken Assumptions.